Monday, June 1, 2015

Your Heart Is Home

Rifqi Adzani


KALEA, 20, young, brunette, slim, tanned skin
KRIS, 23, bright eyes, tall, black hair, good shaped
IPOEL, 24, brown eyes, tall, tanned skin, good shaped
JUN, 22, thin, tall, fair skin, reddish hair
HERI, 24, fat, short, tanned skin, black hair

SCENE 1. There seems KALEA in red looks like an old-fashioned lover with her odd brunette hair and floral necklace. KALEA looks so tired yet her tanned face showing that she’s into her earphone and already on swing mode. KALEA is about to take her clothes off wandering that it has been a perfect day. As she is taking the top piece, KRIS comes and holds a glass of yellow juice yelling at her.
KRIS (yelling). Kalea! Ya ready for the surfing competition next week?
KALEA (shaking hands and hugging). Aloha Kris.. Krisanjani, you seem so right! How’s life? Been a year, huh?
KRIS. Life’s been so dashing! I’m back, you can rely on me.
KALEA (pointing to KRIS). I got you baby! You mind to swipe a bit? I’m enjoying the sun.
KRIS (swiping right). Oh I’m sorry. How about lunch?
KALEA. Well I have no doubt, no short pants!
KRIS. Yeah! I know my sexy feet. Luckily you had been so dig it.
KALEA (chuckling). Ho really? Wear anything properly my dear Kris!

SCENE 2. One year ago, KALEA visited where KRIS lived in Sumatra, Indonesia. Since her first day, she is dazzled of the beauty of Mentawai Islands. She takes her luggage, directly heads to shore, meets new four guys, and pretends that she is just the local. These guys have just starred at her and can’t stop to keep their sight towards her. KRIS comes and joins the talk that just goes way fun about one hour in the orange evening. He is about to invite her to look around on the West Coast.
KRIS. Hun, I wanna see you the best surf spot ever on the island, you gotta seet this!
KALEA. Well, where is it? Show me everything nice here hun.
KRIS. On the West Coast, the wave is incredibly stunning. The sunset awaits!
IPOEL (shouting). No, you couldn’t! It’s forbidden.
KRIS. You have no idea Poel! I swear to God nothing ever happened to me. I used to spend my evenings there alone.
IPOEL. You’re the local, she’s just an outsider. There’s a strong power which covers the beach, it’s forbidden for strangers.
KRIS. Don’t you ever said so anymore! You consider about the turtles’ life right? I know what I’m doing. I’m going.
IPOEL. You couldn’t without us!
KRIS. No, we can. Come on dude!
KALEA. Kris, it’s okay if we can’t go there. Many good places to see here, even here I love this beach.
KRIS. You will get more, trust me.
KALEA. Really, I’m curious about the coast, yet, if it’s forbidden then don’t go.
KRIS. No, you gotta go with me. I used to be there, you know that.
IPOEL. I can’t ban you anymore, make sure you’ll be here before the sun sets.
KRIS. I will!

SCENE 3. About twenty minutes of walking, they finally get the shore. KALEA keeps her smiles on fire, she has already been in love with the island and her lover. In the shade of palm tree, they lay down their bodies enjoying this wonderful evening.
KALEA. Thank you my dear. You have shown me this magnificent view. I couldn’t get enough.
KRIS (Smiling towards KALEA). I told you nothing to worry about.
KALEA. Can we go back now? The sun is about to dive into the ocean.
KRIS. Yeah, go go go!

SCENE 4. On the way back home, there is a strange feeling she feels. She really wants to get off shore and swim a while. She can’t deny her desire of playing and swimming in the water. Without asking KRIS, she is very sure to jump off the fifty-meter cliff standing on her left side. Running as fast as she could, she get the edge. She really has no doubt looking down the dark water and directly she jumped off. Realizing his lover in danger, in a rush, he catches up her. KRIS has no idea what just happened, all he knows that he has to get her soul safe. KALEA has been in the water then followed by KRIS. She has been lost in the darkness, KRIS even can’t find her. In searching of KALEA meanwhile, he is sure that he has heard IPOEL yelling hardly and calling their names. Carrying torches, IPOEL and some villagers just realize something bad is happened to his friend. They come closer to the shore and don’t find KALEA around him.
KRIS (shouting loudly). Kalea..Kalea…!!! Where are you? It’s not a funny thing. I swear, when I get you, I’ll kiss you much time!
IPOEL (in a rush). Kris! What happened? Where’s Kalea? Where is she?
KRIS (crying). I have no idea, she’s been lost there down the cliff.
IPOEL (blaming KRIS). What just she had done? You already know the story about the cliff, how could you let her do that?
KRIS (sobbing). It just happened, I don’t know why!
IPOEL. I told you buddy! Now let’s find her. You gotta show us where exactly she had been lost.

SCENE 5. They continue to search where KALEA is. From the shore to the water, since six hours, it results nothing. IPOEL and the villagers decide to go back to the village, yet KRIS refused it. He wants to keep searching his girlfriend. IPOEL keeps telling him it is too dangerous to stay alone there, it is way better if they continue it in the next day. KRIS feels empty about anything and is already hopeless. He follows them to go back home.
IPOEL. It’s getting late. Tomorrow is a good idea to continue this.
KRIS. No, I will stay.
IPOEL. Don’t you ever dare bud! It’s too dangerous here. I know you’re upset. Please be make sense.
KRIS (sobbing). I have no idea, I want her now, I want her!
IPOEL. Tomorrow will be fine. Let’s get back to the village.

SCENE 6. Passing through an alley, a lush daisy bush, and the sounds of nocturnal creatures deep in the woods create a sense of mysterious path. Village light has finally on their sights. They have planned before to come to the house of the paranormal living on the dale near the small lake in order to ask for help. They arrive to the face of village, they should take about thirty minutes to get this old man’s house. Silent village, six of them walk through a quite lane in a rush. Dogs bark as if they have seen ghosts in each corner of the village. They finally arrive at the old man’s house.
IPOEL (knocking the door). Good night! We need some help. Hello..
THE PARANORMAL (opening the door). What kind of thing that makes you have no doubt to be here? I guess it’s about the stranger.. that girl.
IPOEL. How do you know her? Please help us to find her.
THE PARANORMAL (convincing). Hard.. it’s just no chance.
IPOEL (digging). How could you say so? It’s the monster who did it right?
THE PARANORMAL. I don’t find any mystical thing here, it was an accident.
KRIS (snapping). She acted so strange, like she had no idea what she had done to jump off the cliff when the day was getting dark! How could it be there was no mystical thing here?
THE PARANORMAL. I feel she’s still alive out there. She could be stay somewhere. I can feel that. That’s what I can explain to you, it’s enough. You all can go home now.
IPOEL. Thank you sir. Good night!

SCENE 7. A new day has come, the sun shines strong as the fishermen just came back from the ocean. They have been ready to search KALEA. There are KRIS, IPOEL, and JUN. In the fish market, the villagers do their daily business. It wis crowded. The last fishing boat just came from the shadow of the horizon. It can be seen a man with bucket hat docking his boat, HERI, two meters next to his red and new fishing boat. They have been ready to leave the island for some days. After sipping a morning coffee, the boat slowly throws off the dock. As the daylight is getting blazing, they never lose their sight towards every direction. They have been arrived around an island which has been known as the wildest. There, some boars welcomed them. KRIS never stops shouting KALEA, so do the others.
KRIS (shouting out loud). Kalea..Kalea..!!!
IPOEL (shouting out loud). Kalea…!!!

SCENE 8. Six hours pass by, nothing is found but some wrecks of fishing boats around the island. The island with big wave is the next stop. It is forbidden to be here due to the local belief that there is a big monster which has been living. They never lose their belief, they trust God more than anything. The day get dark, the storm is about to come. The boat then docks in the shade of a lush tree. It is impossible to be continued, the storm has already been so remarkable. Suddenly, such a giant creature comes up from the sea. It looks like an octopus. The eye is deep red, he is about to enfold the boat with his long tentacles.
JUN. Release the rope Poel!
IPOEL. Kris, throw the stick to me soon! I mean the paddle.
KRIS (in anger towards the monster). Get the hell out of here bastard!
IPOEL (slapping the monster with paddle). Eat it! Fuck off!
KRIS (striking his eye with a stick). Go away!

SCENE 9. It doesn’t work, their effort has managed to chase the monster away. The monster fades away into the depth. Their food supplies have diminished. They get to back home really soon. In the afternoon, they decide to go back home. In the strait, something weird happens. The wave stream pushes them away from the island and takes them somewhere. They get an island which is never told and known before. Strangely, another giant octopus blocks their way up. They try and try, this one is bigger and stronger one. IPOEL’s father had told him once that if someday he meets a huge sea creature, the thing that he needs to do is reading the spell he taught and hits the head part. He immediately practices his father’s suggestion.
IPOEL (reading the spell). Hom umbak bedesir, angin bergelumbang, Jubata satu punya kuasa!
KRIS (in anger). You can’t break us anymore!
JUN (slapping the paddle). Fuck off!

SCENE 10. They manage to make the octopus go. The spell works well indeed. Everything seems under control so far. The stream can’t be controlled, they hardly control the boat but it is useless. The boat just follows it. Now, they have arrived exactly to the cliff where KALEA jumped off. JUN, the guy controlling the wheel now surprises and says he has seen a yellow scarf on the rock before them. Everyone simultaneously sees to the rock, but nothing they can see but a rock. JUN convinces that there lies a yellow scarf. IPOEL believes there is a power which protects the scarf, it is mysterious. He knows that JUN can see and hear anything that ordinary man can’t. IPOEL then asks all of them to pray to God and follow the spell he reads as he gets one paddle into the water and stirs it seven times.
IPOEL (praying and stirring the paddle into the water). God, you have been so kind to us, now at this moment, we unite our hearts. Please, help us to find Kalea, amen.
KRIS (praying). I apologize for ever mistakes I have made. I love you, I love her. Please unite us together again.
JUN (pointing towards KALEA). There! She’s there! Go forward!
KRIS (directly jumping off the boat and swimming toward KALEA). She’s still alive. Thank God! Guys come on, get the boat docked. I need your help Poel!
PAUL (swimming towards them). I got you, hoo thank God. Let’s take hare to the village.
(The day is getting dark, as he is giving her respiration from his. She awakes and doesn’t remember anything. The sky turns into violet, one thing noticed that mysterious thing exists in life. They head back to the village and planned to surf the next day on the East Shore.)

Shadow in the Night

Erzal Pratomo Kurnianto
HARRIS, 22, a good-looking boy
JOANNA, 21, a beauty, exotic girl
CLARKE, 22, a smart, nerdy boy
LINA, 22, a beauty, Asian girl

SCENE ONE, In the middle of night, there are HARRIS and JOANNA who eat dinner together in a little restaurant, in the center of New York City. They wait for their friends who will join eat dinner in this restaurant.
HARRIS (angrily). It’s almost one hour we wait them, where is he?
JOANNA. Maybe they still on their way to the restaurant, honey.
CLARKE. Hi guys, I’m sorry I late, where are the others?
HARRIS (bored). I don’t know Clarke.
CLARKE. Hey guys I have an idea, how if this holiday we go to some place together?
HARRIS. Oh that’s great idea; to the mountain I think it will be fun.
JOANNA. Last holiday we were went to the mountain, think the other destination beside mountain. Nowadays I heard there are tourism village near here, I think we should try to visit that village.
HARRIS. You know the way to that village?
JOANNA. My friend knows, he will join with us and guide us to the village if we want to visit that village.
(Next week after they met in restaurant, they meet together again in Harris’s house to discuss the date that they will go to the village. CLARKE said that they must go on the middle of the night because they will arrive in the village on the morning and they can enjoy the village scenery on the morning. HARRIS and JOANNA seemed agree about what CLARKE said, so they will go on Friday night and will be arrive on Saturday morning.)

SCENE TWO. Last week, JOANNA met her old friend. She is LINA, she come from Japan. JOANNA knows LINA when she visit Japan by herself. They met inside of temple in one of village in Japan. Last week LINA came to England to continue her study in one of famous university. After knows LINA would came, JOANNA felt happy because she never met her again around 4 years. They met in central park near Joana's University; they felt very happy in there. LINA inform JOANNA that near the city there are tourism village. JOANNA didn’t know that village before, she asked LINA to accompany her to that village.
JOANNA. Hi Lina, how are you?
LINA. Hi, I’m fine, and you?
JOANNA. Fine, I miss you Lina.
LINA. Me too Jo, four years is a long time right?
JOANNA. Yes, very long time (laughing). Are you come for holiday?
LINA. Oh no, I continue my study in here.
JOANNA. Oh that is great, where do you stay?
LINA. I stay in apartment near the university.
JOANNA. Ok I’ll visit your apartment later.
LINA. What are you doing in this holiday?
JOANNA. I and my friends have a plan for a trip, but we still don’t know where will we going.
LINA. Yesterday I read an article in internet about vacation place near here. There is a beautiful village that still unknown by many people in this city.
JOANNA. Will you accompany me to that village?
LINA. Ok, I’ll show you the way to the village, when we will go?
JOANNA. I don’t know Lin, maybe next week, I’ll invite my friends to join our holiday.
LINA. Ok, call me if you have decided the date for the trip.

SCENE THREE. friday night. HARRIS, JOANNA, CLARKE and LINA are in Harris’s house, they prepare all of their need. LINA introduced herself to HARRIS and CLARKE. HARRIS check his car and make sure his car has no any problem. On 1 PM they move leave Harris’s house to the village.
HARRIS. Are you ready guys?
JOANNA. I’m ready captain (kiss HARRIS).
CLARKE. Hi, are you that Joanna’s friend?
LINA. Yes, my name Lina, nice to meet you.
CLARKE. Clarke (shaking LINA’s hand), nice to meet you too.
HARRIS. Hi Lina, I’m Harris, Joanna’s boyfriend.
LINA. Oh you are her boyfriend, you so handsome Harris.
JOANNA (jealously). My choice is always handsome Lin (laughing).
LINA. (Laughing)
HARRIS. Ok guys the car is ready, let’s go to the village.
(On the way they talk about anything, LINA makes any jokes and the other laughed out loud because her jokes. Outside the car, they didn’t realize that a mysterious shadow followed them.)

SCENE FOUR. in the middle of forest rear tire of Harris’s car deflate; HARRIS stops his car and checks the tire. All came down from the car and see what happened, CLARKE helped HARRIS changed the tire with the alternative tire.
CLARKE. Hey what happens?
HARRIS. I think my tire is deflating, let me check outside.
CLARKE. I’ll take the alternative tire in the trunk.
JOANNA (asking to HARRIS). How long you will repair this tire?
HARRIS. Thirty minutes I hope.
CLARKE. Ok change that tire with this (bring the alternative tire).
(While HARRIS and CLARKE changed the tire, JOANNA felt something wrong; she thought that they were watched by someone or something.)
JOANNA. Lina do you feel something wrong?
LINA. Yes, I think there is something outside there watching on us.
JOANNA. I think better if we come inside to the car.
LINA (scarily). Ok.

SCENE FIVE. They continued their trip, Joana want to ask Harris or Clarke about what that she felt but she doubted. She thought that they would think that just her feeling. Lina suddenly wake from her sleep and cried, she said that she had a dream same as this trip but in her dream the trip became a big accident.
LINA. (suddenly wake up from her sleep and crying)
CLARKE. What happens Lina?
LINA. I had a bad dream.
JOANNA. Tell us that dream Lin.
LINA. In my dream i saw that this car hit the big tree and from behind the car there were a giant truck with high speed hit them.
HARRIS. It was just a dream Lina. Dream was a dream, it just the imagination of the dreamer before they sleep.
LINA still cried and HARRIS stopped his car to the side of the road, HARRIS and JOANNA tried to soothe LINA from her nightmare. CLARKE went out from the car and light his cigarette to warmed his body, because they still in the middle of the forest. CLARKE saw a black shadow passed tree by tree in front of him.
CLARKE (scarily). (put off his cigarette to the ground and came back to the car) Guys I think we should move now!
HARRIS. What’s happen Clarke?
CLARKE. I saw a shadow, black shadow out there, I think it watching us.
JOANNA. Oh that shadow.
HARRIS. What shadow? Who are them?
CLARKE. I don’t know, just start your engine and move from here.
(They move from there and HARRIS tries to be calm because he felt fear too. LINA had stopped crying. CLARKE still with his fear face and tries to forget what had he saw. Two hour again to arrive in the village; in the middle of the trip they meet a giant truck. HARRIS try to overtake it but it not easy, after twenty minutes they just drive behind the truck, HARRIS try to overtake again with more speed and it success. However after they overtake the truck, there is hairpin curve in front of them. HARRIS can’t dodge it and they hit the big tree in front of them. The truck behind them lost his control because shock seeing a car with high speed beside him and hit a tree in front of him. The driver tried to avoid them but he can’t and hit back of the car that had overtake him. The driver come down and checks his truck conditions. He saw the car wedged between the big tree and his truck. All of the passenger are died, he call police to inform them about this accident.)


Poor Baby Johny

Yohana Febry Chris Suprapto

JOHNY, 8, skinny, innocent yet cheerful young boy.
MRS. ANNE, 54, hearted-kindly, a little bit old-fashioned and modest.
TEACHER, 36, a kind yet careless teacher.
MR. HEADMASTER, 48, a friendly and wise headmaster
STUDENT, 10, a little big fat yet friendly kind of student.

SCENE ONE. In a small village which far away from the city, there lives an old woman with a son named JOHNY. He is 8 years old while her mother is in her middle age. Since his father passed away 2 years ago, they live such a kid without parents. MRS. ANNE works as a household assistant at a house to another house every single day. On the other side, JOHNY must sacrifice his education for they don’t have much money to afford his school. One afternoon day, when they have a tea while sitting on a branch of a tree in front of their small cottage, MRS. ANNE start the conversation with her son.
MRS. ANNE. Did you miss school already, Son?
JOHNY (putting his hand up to her mother’s forehead. Laughing a bit). Huh? Why are you asking me that suddenly, Mom? Are you okay?
MRS. ANNE. You know I always thank God that I have you as my son. You never complain about what were we going through all this time. You cheered me up instead.
JOHNY (giggles). Come on, Mom. Don’t mind me, life’s beautiful!

SCENE TWO. After those short talks, MRS. ANNE looked so enthusiast to earn much money so JOHNY can go back to school. After a month, she asks him to apply for a school again and he agrees it happily. Around 12 a.m at St. Louise Boston Elementary School, JOHNY comes to the school in order to take some register form by himself. Then a young teacher come over him.
TEACHER. Hey kid, you looked so confused. Can I help you?
JOHNY. Mr. Headmaster asked me to go to the office to take the register form.
TEACHER (taking the form on top of the cupboard). Oh that form? Wait, I’ll take it for you.
JOHNY (looking around the office). Alright, Mam.
TEACHER. Here you are, Boy. Don’t forget the competition will be started on next Monday. See you around.
JOHNY (shouting loudly). Wait.. What?! What competition, Mam?

SCENE THREE. On his way home, JOHNY just can’t stop reading the form because he find it so strange. He begin to wonder what she really means with the competition.
JOHNY (saying to himself). Ah, maybe it’s kind of the orientation of new student nowadays? Alright then.
MRS. ANNE (waiting in the front door). How was it, John? Have you registered in?
JOHNY (looked terrible, giving no answer, looking at the form).
MRS. ANNE (inviting JOHNY to the living room). What’s wrong, kid? Has something bad happened to you? Tell me.
JOHNY (sobbing). How can I not be confused, Mom. I received such a weirdest rule from this form.
MRS. ANNE. Well, let me hear that.
JOHNY. First, I must have teeth!
MRS. ANNE (laughing). Are you joking now? You even have too much teeth right since your teeth are such a mess.
JOHNY. Second, I should be able to say ‘Mama’!
MRS. ANNE (acting child-likely). It’s pretty easy! You even be able to talk ‘mimi-mumu-momo’, can you?
JOHNY. Third, I have to be able to walk well.
MRS. ANNE (patting Johny’s back gently). You are even able to climb up our roof, John. It’s a piece of cake!
JOHNY (saying in tears). Hmm.. This fourth condition was the hardest one, Mom. I should wear a clean diaper.
MRS. ANNE. What?! Do you read it wrongly?? A boy like you will need more than two meters of fabric to make a diaper.
JOHNY AND MRS. ANNE (keep in silence).
MRS. ANNE. Ah I see . You can just wear my rags, John. Problem solved.
JOHNY (sighing deeply). There is one more condition. I must bring a baby pacifier by myself! What kind of rule is this, mom! Is this rule even exist?

SCENE FOUR. On Monday morning, right before the flag ceremony is started, JOHNY makes his way to the school field with a piece of fabric covering up his body. His appearance shock most student there. One of the students asks him.
STUDENT. Hey little brother, why do you dress that way huh? Where’s your uniform?
JOHNY (hesitantly). Ehmm.. Uhmm.. I just want to abide the rules as the way it is.
(opening up the fabric covering his body as the headmaster and teachers come up)
STUDENTS (screaming out toward JOHNY). Aaaaaaawww!
MR. HEADMASTER. Hey John, what do you wear ? Why are you dressed that way?
JOHNY (giving the form to MR. HEADMASTER). I’m sorry, Sir. I just abided all the rules as the form it is.
MR. HEADMASTER (taking a look at the form, frown as he read the form). Oh my God, this isn’t register form, John. This is a form for Baby Health Competition held by our school to celebrate World Child Day.
STUDENTS (laughing out loudly). Hahahahahaha... Oh Poor Baby Johny!
MR. HEADMASTER (shaking JOHNY’s hand). Well, that’s enough, John. You don’t need to wear clothes such that cause you’ve already registered to be a new student here. Congratulations!
JOHNY (smiling happily). Thanks a lot, Sir!
TEACHER. I’m sorry Johny, this is my fault. It was me who gave you that form. It’s a misunderstanding.
JOHNY. It’s all right, Mam. The most important thing is I can study here anymore. I’m so excited and I won’t never wear that diaper again.